Does your child have an interest in scuba diving and marine life? We bet they do 🙂 Scuba Rangers is a great way to introduce the world of scuba diving to your children.

Scuba Ranger is designed for kids 8-12 years old with good swimming skills.

The short yet entertaining course will give children important diving rules, a better understanding of snorkeling and scuba gear, and plenty of information about the marine life of Thoddoo:

  • Kids demonstrate their swimming skills and learn how to dive with a mask, a snorkel, and fins.
  • Rangers are introduced to diving equipment. What are these things for and how do we use them?
  • Youngsters learn new diving exercises such as how to float in the water, clear the mask, etc.
  • Children play games underwater while wearing diving equipment to increase their comfort and practice the diving techniques they’ve learned so far.
  • Your proud children are able to “teach” diving to parents, siblings, and friends by doing demonstrations of the skills they’ve learned.

         Sounds fun? 🙂

PRICE: $100 (per session)

Number of dives: 1-5
Max depth: 6 m
Age: 6-12 years
Included: insurance, boat & instructor service, equipment rental