Turn your passion for diving into a career by becoming a scuba dive instructor! Transform your favorite dive site into your office and create your own SSI divers, or travel the world working as a scuba instructor; the possibilities are endless.

This program provides candidates with the knowledge, concepts, and training necessary to organize and conduct entry-level scuba training courses. Candidates will learn the SSI Teaching System and philosophy, and how to effectively teach and evaluate Open Water Diver students. It will also prepare the candidate for their Instructor Evaluation. Candidates who complete this program and the Instructor Evaluation earn the SSI Open Water Instructor certification.

The course takes 12-14 days including Instructor Examination, and this is going to be a really great adventure. The course will give you:

  • thе information, idеas, and essential training to organizе and dirеct conduct elementary lеvеl of scuba training coursеs.
  • deep dive into the diving theory
  • tips and tricks on how to run a dive shop
  • new friends and, possibly, colleagues

Typically, there are only 1-3 participants ensuring you get a highly personalized course and enough diving practice.