Thoddoo Diving Center



Come to Thoddoo, probably, the most beautiful island of North Ari atoll. Thoddoo is a great destination not only for beach and nature lovers but also for fellow scuba divers.

We dive Thoddoo house reefs, as well as the best dive sites of Rasdhoo, Ukulhas, and Goidhoo islands. 

Enjoy diving with sharks, turtles, mantas, napoleons, stingrays, eagle rays, dolphins, and a lot more!

We offer:

  • Ultimate experience: diving in Thoddoo and Rasdhoo from 2014!
  • Comfortable boats: 36 feet 900 HP speedboat, 40 feet dhoni
  • 12l and 15l bottles, as well as 5l bottles for Junior divers
  • Reliable and well-serviced equipment for rent by Aqualung, Mares, Cressi
  • Budget Dive & Stay options


Combine your scuba adventure with diving training! Earn new experience and certifications while diving with mantas, sharks, and turtles!

We offer SSI and NDL courses for beginners up to Instructor’s levels. Our instructors have 20+ years of experience and will be happy to share some with you 🙂

  • New to diving? Try Dive!
  • You tried and loved it. There is much more to see. Enroll in the Open Water Diver now!
  • Already an OWD? Let’s upgrade it to Advanced levels by adding new skills and certifications: deep diving, night diving, wreck diving, nitrox, rescue course, etc.
  • Begin your diving career working as a Dive Guide. Learn to safely lead certified divers in various environments and conditions. Best students will be offered a job.



Try diving – $100

  • Theory and skills presentation
  • 01 boat dive with a private instructor
  • Gopro photo/video (if conditions allow)
  • Try Diver certificate & e-book


Thoddoo Daily Diving – $120
Rasdhoo Daily Diving- $150
Ukulhas Daily Diving – $160

  • 02 boat guided dives
  • Included: tanks and weights
  • Drinking water on board
  • Equipment rental: $10/per dive

Stay & Dive in Thoddoo

Our dive & stay packages include accommodation with daily breakfast, airport meet & greet, round airport transfer, daily diving, boat & guide service, all fees & taxes. 

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Рената Ч
Рената Ч
Дайвинг. Остров Тодду 👍 Посетила остров Тодду в сентябре 2022 г. В полном восторге 🏝Отдых удался ещё и благодаря инструктору по дайвингу 💙 Погружение с Анатолием прошлом чудесно! Профессионал своего дела! Хороший психолог ) Анатолий, благодарю Вас за красивые и чудесные эмоции. Обязательно вернёмся к Вам на обучение !
Светлана А
Светлана А
Diving для всех Отзыв о детском дайвинге, что оказалось абсолютно реально организовать в Thoddoo Diving Center. Полный инструктаж, хорошее оборудование,сопровождение,безопасность, полное доверие - высокий уровень профессионалов! Если хоть один пункт был бы упущен, ребёнка бы не отпустила и сама не пошла..Здесь все сошлось, спасибо Анатолию! Подводный мир - бесконечная красота, жизнь и движение..Описать сложно, нужно видеть. А посмотреть на Мальдивах точно есть на что и на кого) Ещё раз спасибо за этот прекрасный опыт, мой и дочери (11 лет)!
Awesome diving We had four amazing dives in Thoddhoo and the nearby islands, the dive sites are stunning, teeming with all sorts of sea life. Anatolijs and his team were very helpful, skilled and friendly. I appreciate that they checked us out first in an easier dive before we went on to more complicated ones. If you're planning to go try to make arrangements early- the centre can get busy, and yet they dive frequently so there's enough diving opportunity. Overall unforgettable experience, looking forward to visit again!
Отличный дайвинг центр на Мальдивах Отличный дайвинг центр, в котором вас с нуля обучат дайвингу и покажут все прелести Индийского океана
Marco M
Marco M
Amazing relax diving experience In totaal 6 duiken gedaan op meerdere dive sites . Van begin tot het eind relax en goed geregeld. Goede apparatuur en kennis aanwezig. Goed advies over equipment om het duiken tot een ontspannen ervaring te laten worden. Fijne boot crew en mooie duikboot. Kortom een hele goede duikschool om een onvergetelijke ervaring op te doen!
Первое посещение Мальдив и первое погружение Очень хотелось попробовать поплавать с аквалангом. Решилась! На Тодду! С прекрасным инструктором Анатолием. Анатолий - настоящий профессионал своего дела: подробный инструктаж, отличное снаряжение и техническая подготовка погружения. Человек с прекрасным чувством юмора и постоянной улыбкой на лице и в глазах! При погружении и после (особенно впервые) взрослый человек получает самые восторженные, совершенно новые впечатления и ощущения при знакомстве с ранее недоступным подводным миром. Спасибо огромное Анатолию! С его помощью я осуществила свою давнюю мечту.
Вот я и стал дайвмастером!!!! Впервые попробовал дайвинг здесь, наТодду, под чутким руководством Анатолия в апреле 2017 года. Далее были две поездки сюда же, получил сертификаты ow и aow, затем rescue. И вот свершилось. Прилетел в ноябре 2019 года, три недели, и я дайвмастер! Толь. Спасибо тебе огромное что открыл для меня этот чудесный мир! Ты мой друг, наставник и вообще наш Вождь❤️🙏
perfektes Tauchen Es wird einem jeder Wunsch von den Lippen abgelesen. Kein Wunsch bleibt unerfüllt und das Riff um Thoddoo ist noch super intakt. Rashdoo ist sowieso immer einen Bootsausflug wert. Kann diese Basis nur weiterempfehlen. Die Guids sind alles super professionell und lieben ihre Arbeit.
Extremely exciting We had several diving sessions. Each of them was a great. We observed underwater life: turtles, sharks, stingrays, millions of fishes, we were lucky to meet whale shark. Pro Dive team is very professional and they have all neccessary equipment. We have kid of 10 years old with us and Anatoliy (Pro Dive Boss) made our experience and journey easy and memorable. Highly reccomend
Great diving, an amazing dive shop, and more! Just came back from a stay in Thoddoo. I was looking for some nice diving, and I ended up connecting with Anatolijs, who runs the Pro Dive Hydrotech dive shop. He made the entire trip so easy for me - he basically took care of not just the diving, but also my speedboat transfers to/from Thoddoo, and my lodging. I don't know how he does it, but he responds really quickly via Whatsapp. And this personal attention continued once I was on the island. He is very personable, a great storyteller, and an amazing divemaster. Had five great dives with Anatolijs. He and his staff make it a very enjoyable, non-rushed experience, with great equipment, excellent service and - of course - amazing diving. We saw manta rays (incredible!), sea turtles, sharks, moray eels, barracudas, 1,000 of fish, stingrays and more. Just really nice diving. Water is warm, coral is beautiful. In short, if you want to have a great diving experience, you have come to the right place!
15:29 22 Jul 24
I studied at this center for a week to get an open water certificate. I had 7 dives.The guys from the diving center are just a great team, they became my friends on the island. My instructor Lesha is the most comfortable coach I have ever had, and Natasha took amazing underwater shots - be sure to book a shoot with her!There are a lot of animals on the reefs around Thoddu - turtles, reef sharks, moray eels, triggerfish, Nemo fish, schools of garfish, hundreds of sailfish, stingrays. I had all this at arm's length every day.The organization, equipment, training materials, boats - everything was perfect. I felt confident and safe underwater.I wholeheartedly recommend this dive center! Guys, thank you for a wonderful vacation!
Ideo GIdeo G
04:31 18 Jul 24
The guys are super cool! We came here for 4 nights on Thodda diving. We liked everything! Anatoly helped us organize how and where we would dive, a hotel with transfer from Male. 10/10!I especially recommend the instructor Sasha. Sasha is super cool and will help you enjoy your diving 1000%!
15:55 14 Jul 24
I can finally tick scuba diving off my list, this was truly one of the greatest experiences me and my family has had while in maldives.The whole crew are more than experienced, they guided us through every little bit of this exciting experience.I would 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to take some memorable moments of the marine life at Thoddoo Island!
Marga MassutíMarga Massutí
19:46 13 Jul 24
It has been a real pleasure to dive with them. It was our first time diving and everything was incredible. I highly recommend diving in Thoddo with them, they are a very good team. If I go back to Thoddoo, I will definitely dive with them again.Thanks a lot!
Егор ПанинЕгор Панин
13:30 03 Jul 24
We went diving and enjoyed everything very much; Alexander was with us. He is a true professional, he explained and told everything! We had never dived before, Alexander always accompanied us and helped us, it was very comfortable!
Elena MartyushevaElena Martyusheva
08:33 21 Jun 24
Simply super, the instructor is very cool, professional in his field, it’s safe, comfortable and very cool with him, he explains everything and charges with his energy of love for the ocean and diving. I'm still going tomorrow. This is just bliss, my world was divided before and after 😍😇😊🤩🥳🥰
Giovana EsmanhotoGiovana Esmanhoto
14:59 16 Jun 24
The best diving center in the island!I didn't know how dive at all when I arrive bed here. After a fun dive, I decided to take the open water course and the advanced adventurer course!My husband also did a few courses and fun dives too.They make scuba fun and safe at the same time.Thank you Anatolijs and your team for this amazing weeks
Lizy KayLizy Kay
18:34 02 Jun 24
The diving center provided an excellent experience! I thoroughly enjoyed my dive!
Ayelén Orozco PérezAyelén Orozco Pérez
12:52 12 May 24
Professionals, I recommend them without a doubt!
I dived with Alexander - it was my first time. I really liked the briefing - everything was thoroughly clear for beginners. Everything went well during the dive, a beautiful picturesque reef and a lot of impressions
I tried diving for the first time on Toddu under the strict guidance of instructor Alexander. It was great! The beauty of the underwater world fascinates, and the professionalism of the team creates a feeling of confidence and comfort
Muhammad ToyirovMuhammad Toyirov
13:18 24 Apr 24
Everything was cool and beautiful, thank you very much. Adrenaline and buzz 🔥 Instructor Alexander is a professional in his field, thank you.
09:14 22 Apr 24
Two years ago, at this diving center I was trained to obtain an SSI Open water certificate from instructor Alexander Shikun! Everything was at the highest level! So much so that now, two years later, I returned to Alexander for the Advanced Wopen Water certificate!I didn’t even consider other options!Guys, you are the best of the best!My boundless trust and gratitude ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️For those reading the reviews - my strong recommendations 👍🏼
It happened, I dived and saw the underwater world))) thank you Alexander, the instructions were very detailed, interesting and understandable, then like a duck to water. If you are on Thoddoo Island, head to Thoddoo Diving Center (PDH Maldives) / Russian Dive Center and make your dream come true, as I did today with my daughter. Thank you again Sasha)))
Parami MinParami Min
08:29 14 Apr 24
I am leaving a review for Koreans to use as a reference. I went in April and dived 3 times. When I made the reservation, I said I would dive 4 times over 2 days, but when I arrived, the diving instructor said I could dive 1 time on the first day and 2 times on the second day, one of which was a night dive. The diving instructor was Russian and almost everyone except me was Russian.Fees can only be paid in cash. We recommend that you prepare some dollars. It will be more expensive if you exchange your money to rupiah. It was $60 per dive (if you have a license).I reserved accommodation through the diving center, but it was a place that used a regular house as a guest house, and it was not listed on brokerage apps such as Agoda (the diving center owner did not tell me the name of the accommodation until the end). When I got there, the room smelled, the floor was dirty, they didn't give me a single towel, and there was no wifi (when I made the reservation, they said wifi was available and there were amenities), so I didn't stay and left and found another sum up1. Find accommodation separately.2. Card not counted3. Diving schedule may differ from what was agreed upon in advance.Additionally, you will need to overcome the diving instructor's Russian-English skills. I was satisfied with the diving experience itself.
Today was my first diving experience with instructor Alexander. I am delighted. Lots of emotions. At first it was a little scary, but Alexander helped me cope with my anxiety, explained everything in great detail and helped. Throughout the entire scuba diving, he was nearby, guiding, helping and showing the beauty of the underwater world. I would love to go diving again.
17:16 11 Apr 24
I can confidently and with a clear conscience recommend this diving center to those who plan to try their hand at diving in the Maldives. Today we dived (as beginners) with instructor Alexander - the time flew by unnoticed and fun and calm, despite the fact that it was a lot of stress for me. Alexander definitely knows how to deal with the panic of beginners 👌😁. In general, the team of the diving center made a pleasant impression, I wanted to return, already for training to obtain a certificate (which is also possible here). Many thanks to Thoddo Diving Center for the emotions and impressions received! 🫶
My wife and I went diving; we had an instructor, Alexander. We really liked him, he told us everything, showed us, explained in an accessible and understandable way what to do and how to behave, both in theory and in practice. And, what is important, with a dose of humor, which was sorely lacking)) I have never had such pleasure, confidence and calmness under water! And about controlling buoyancy with the help of inhalation - this is absolutely fire, no one has ever told this before. We saw turtles, moray eels and a crowd of various fish, we really liked it, we didn’t want to swim up!) Thank you for diving!!
We dived for the first time with Alexander, he explained everything very competently and clearly, the fear disappeared as if by hand. The impressions are unforgettable, everyone should definitely try it even if you are afraid. My most vivid vacation memory. I also liked the video from Natalia, she captured the dive beautifully and efficiently!
Ruzanna MantashyanRuzanna Mantashyan
10:53 30 Mar 24
I would like to express my gratitude to the diver instructors for their attentive and professional approach to their work.I especially want to mention the instructor Alexey, with him all my fears disappeared somewhere in the depths).
Anastasya MoiseevaAnastasya Moiseeva
16:05 29 Mar 24
A very cool excursion, this was my first dive, I want to say a big thank you to instructor Sasha for the instructions, for the comfortable dive, he is simply a master of his craft. In a 30-minute journey along the seabed, I managed to see manta rays, turtles, moray eels, triggerfish, and huge lobsters. The guys also made a video and photo as a souvenir ♥️
Today I made the first dive in my life under the experienced guidance of Alexander. There were some worries, but everything went with a bang! He gave instructions, explained everything clearly, helped to choose a mask and fins, told what would happen and how, what gesture meant what and how to behave correctly. We dived very smoothly, throughout the entire dive Alexander did not let us go and periodically asked if everything was okay. Everything went great, largely thanks to Alexander. Thanks a lot!!!
Katerina NKaterina N
09:53 29 Mar 24
Great diving! It was cosmic, magical, incredible!!! 🐢💙🐟🐠🪼🦐🦞Thank you very much for the new experience and amazing impressions! Especially for the care and attention - this is my first dive, and during it Alexander supported and helped me!!! Thank you so much and hugs 😊😊😊
Demi StamenkovićDemi Stamenković
13:04 21 Mar 24
Great experience 🙌 Big thanks to Damijan, Mateja & Miha for a great diving trip.
Excellent diving center, organization of preparation for dives and the dives themselves at a high level, high-quality equipment. The team of the center are professionals in their field, special thanks to instructors Sergey and Alexander for great dives and new experience and knowledge in diving, thanks to which I also received Advanced certification.
Natalie PatalahaNatalie Patalaha
13:00 19 Mar 24
I went diving for the first time today! It was very cool! Instructions, diving, boat, equipment! Happy, friendly atmosphere on the boat!Diving instructor Sasha is the best!I took away a lot of impressions and emotions!The underwater excursion lasted about 45 minutes at a depth of 10 meters!I'm happy!Excellent diving center, highly recommended!
Mariya LaninaMariya Lanina
12:46 19 Mar 24
It was unforgettable, we saw so many things: a shark and a stingray and a lot of beautiful fish and moray eels 👍😀And Sasha the instructor is simply the God of the underwater kingdom, it was just cool and calm with him, time flew by quickly in an instant, guys, I can recommend this diving center , people know their stuff!!!! This is very cool😀👍
Grzegorz PietrzakGrzegorz Pietrzak
20:26 16 Mar 24
The worst diving center in the world, and I've been to many places. In my entire life, I have never seen such destruction of underwater life as the guides did during one dive. Cruelty to animals, tearing the reef from the bottom with their hands, destroying it with fins. People should have their guide licenses revoked, the diving center closed and severely punished. Moreover, the diving equipment was terribly damaged. Attempts to cheat the customer at every step. Don't let the owner's positive attitude fool you. Underwater you will be shocked by the quality of this center.The worst diving center in the world and I've been to many places. In my entire life, I have never seen such destruction of underwater life as the guides did during one dive. Cruelty to animals, tearing the reef from the bottom with their hands, destroying it with fins. People should have their guide licenses revoked, the diving center closed and severely punished. Moreover, the diving equipment was terribly damaged. Attempts to cheat the customer at every step. Don't let the owner's positive attitude fool you. Underwater you will be shocked by the quality of this center.
Today I dived for the first time with instructor Sasha, everything went just great. Thank him very much, he told and showed everything well. The impressions are overwhelming.
Elena GutovskayaElena Gutovskaya
10:44 10 Mar 24
Great center, great people! I've been diving with them for several years now. I would especially like to thank and mention Alexander. An excellent teacher, a sympathetic and kind person, very pleasant to talk to. If you're visiting Toddu, come here!
Andreas GebhardAndreas Gebhard
07:22 10 Mar 24
It was great to have a dive with Sergey which made a great experience! The whole team is super kind!The video via WhatsApp after the dive was very nice! 😊
I never thought about diving, it seemed like a scary and dangerous activity, but my tour included a test dive, and I didn’t refuse. Now my life is divided into before and after. It was love at first sight, and now diving will become an integral part of my trips to the sea. Thanks to Thoddoo Diving Center and a special thank you to diving instructor Alexander for becoming my guide to the world of diving. Under Alexander’s guidance, I was able to calmly enjoy all the beauty of the underwater world and felt completely safe. It was very interesting and as positive as possible)) Despite the fact that Alexander kept everything under control, it was comfortable, I even forgot for a while that I was at a depth of 12 m =) It’s difficult to convey emotions, I was delighted with what I saw and the process of swimming under water. We saw stingrays, manta rays, turtles, various fish and stars, and after that I also got a bunch of cool videos as souvenirs. I wish the diving center development and as many pleasant guests from all over the world as possible) I 100% recommend Thoddoo Diving Center to everyone.
Marvin SchleinerMarvin Schleiner
14:10 06 Mar 24
We had a great time with lots of sharks, sea life of all shapes and sizes and beautiful corals. We also felt super safe and got everything well explained. Special thanks to our dive masters Serg and Alex, you guys are awesome and professionals!Plus, the ATM on this island wasn’t working so we had no chance to get any cash. The owner, Anatolijs, helped us and got us some in no time.All in all I can highly recommend this place!
I went diving twice with instructor Alexander, I definitely recommend it - everything was explained clearly and to the point, showed great videos, very satisfied!
Aleš DolčičAleš Dolčič
16:20 28 Feb 24
We did resort excurtion with Thoddoo diving center and it was exactly as it was showed on the videos they sent us before the excurtion. The best in the resort was thr reef from where we could se all kind of fish, rays and sharks. It was simple to swimm also for kids. Great experience. I recommend it.
I thank Thoddoo Diving Center for their professionalism 👍🏼 If you are visiting Thoddoo and want to not only lie on the sand, but have a great time, you should definitely contact these guys. They know their stuff and love what they do. In addition to well-organized excursions, they also help in a purely human way with solving various issues 👍🏼 Special thanks for the store where you can buy high-quality equipment for snorkeling and just for relaxation, as well as for the fact that they bring amazing sunscreen products made locally: this is my first time no burns or allergies) Ekaterina, Alexander - thank you for everything! Every year on vacation one way or another with you! On my next visit I will definitely dive: if it weren’t for my ears, I would have dived into this one already)
Jeanne BJeanne B
10:56 07 Feb 24
If it were possible to give this organization zero stars, I would give it zero.We visited this dive center twice, for diving and excursion. The diving went perfectly, for which many thanks to our instructor Sergei. From the first minutes it was clear that we were in the hands of professionals, and therefore the first diving experience turned out to be as comfortable, safe and interesting as possible.Unfortunately, returning to this center for a tour canceled out all the positive emotions from the past experience. It would be better to go diving again than to have this misunderstanding. Organizing the excursion is a complete failure. For 22 participants there was only one instructor, Alexander. Whether one instructor can ensure safety and order in such a large group is an open question. In parallel with our group, there was another mini-group in the boat with its own separate instructor.The first point of the excursion was the manta rays. I had a dream - to swim with manta rays, and due to organizational problems this dream did not come true. At this point, already in the water, it turned out that the snorkeling mask issued by the organizers was defective: its attachment for the snorkel was broken, so the snorkel fell off and floated away every two minutes. Most of the time, instead of searching for manta rays, was spent catching the tube and trying to fix it in place; in the end, the tube was taken away by a wave and carried to the bottom. I swam up to the instructor and asked if there was a spare mask, because my snorkel had sunk. “Bad. Fine 20 dollars,” said the instructor and sailed off into the sunset (literally sailed away without offering at least some solution to the problem). This was the first time I encountered such a disregard for the organizers. At the very end of my stay at this location, I borrowed someone else’s mask, but I never saw the manta rays... And I wouldn’t have seen everything else if not for a girl from the excursion participants who, returning to the boat, found a lost tube at the bottom, dived and returned it to me. Only thanks to this girl I was able to swim at least a little at the second point (still constantly catching the snorkel) and not end up paying $20 for an initially defective mask))If at the first point the participants managed to somehow disperse, then at the second, with the sharks, it was a complete mess. Due to the large number of participants in a small space, it was constantly being hit on the head by someone’s flipper or someone’s elbow.The third point, with a sand spit - no questions, everything was clear, the food was delicious with sandwiches with french fries and watermelon.And only at the last, fourth point, Alexander reluctantly said, “Well, let’s see what you have there,” became convinced that the fastening of my mask was really faulty, and moved the tube holder from his mask to mine. Only at this location I was able to fully snorkel.To summarize: I categorically recommend diving from this company and categorically do not recommend excursions.
Marc JasonMarc Jason
17:38 21 Jan 24
Thank you to our diving instructor Alexander. He was very professional and knowledgeable.My wife and I had a fantastic time and highly recommended the diving Centre
I recommend excursions at this diving center.Competent instructors, during the excursions, a favorable environment and most importantly, an unforgettable experience!
Alena RumpovaAlena Rumpova
15:42 04 Jan 24
The best diving school and instructor Sergey ever. Thank you for all.
Yuliya MelYuliya Mel
20:46 29 Dec 23
I always thought that diving was not for me, however, in the Maldives I decided to try diving for a taste. I turned to Anatoly and am very pleased! Everything went just fine, as soon as I surfaced I wanted to go back, which I did the next day. I want more) So I’ll definitely come back) I saw a manta ray, 2 reef sharks, a turtle, a green moray eel.
Thanks to the guys, we all came as a group and dived for the first time. They told everything, helped, explained) they are sincere and cheerful, they give everything you need, masks, fins and wetsuits. There was a girl with us who filmed our stay underwater on camera, special thanks for that ☺️ It’s incredibly cool that everyone’s first experience is so positive, thanks to the guys who are super professionals 🤗
Daivila for the first time, emotions were overflowing. The guys are masters of their craft. I liked it so much that I went diving a second time. As a bonus, Alexander shot with go pro. Now the memory remains. Thank you guys. It’s been a month since I came home and am watching the video. Damn, it was great in the Maldives!
Magda FmagdAMagda FmagdA
08:13 30 Nov 23
Fantastic place, professional instructors, Sergiej is the best, we highly recommend it! 👍🤿💪
The diving is wonderful, the guys are caring, professional, they carry it in their arms) they dive more accurately! The reef is beautiful, the turtles, sharks and manta rays are amazing!!!
Heejoon KimHeejoon Kim
12:10 02 Nov 23
I did 5 dives, including 2 night dives, and it was a great experience. The boat was great and the instructors were very friendly and professional. You may feel a bit left out because the guests are from Russia, but since we communicated with the instructors in English, there were no major problems diving.I have dived in many places including Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Central and South America, and Africa, but the underwater environment in the Maldives was truly the best. It was so beautiful, from big things like mantas and sharks to various fish and colorful corals! If you are a diver, I definitely recommend diving at Todu Island!I had the privilege of embarking on 5 dives, including 2 mesmerizing night dives, with this amazing crew! My underwater journey allowed me to witness the captivating beauty of the marine world and encounter a diverse array of sea creatures. The entire experience with Thoddoo Diving Center was truly remarkable and left me in awe!
Cezar CiobanuCezar Ciobanu
09:35 26 Oct 23
If you want to try Scuba at Thoddoo, “Thoddoo diving center” is the best place. The guys are awesome and they have a lot of experience.I felt very safe even I tried for the first time.Surely I will come back for another dive!
The guys are very cool! We decided to go diving for the first time and did not regret it. Everything is simple, clear, safe and incredibly fun! Thank you Todo Diving Center for the amazing experience and positive emotions! I advise everyone to try diving - you won’t regret it!
F. FraF. Fra
07:19 01 Oct 23
I would like to give many thanks personally to Anatolij, Alexander, Alexander, Dima, Alex, Aziz, and to capitan of our cruises to dives. thank you for the best service. All members of diving team give us the best care and the team was very friendly. 🙂 Diving places were very nice. There was possible to see a lot of creatures. Thank you very much again. I hope that I will visit your diving center again. 🙂
Marek CvrkMarek Cvrk
13:07 27 Sep 23
Incredible experience!Everything since first “Hi!” to last “See you later” was simply perfect!Alex, Dimo and the 3rd diver are so friendly but deep professionals.We’ve been told how it will look like, what to expect and calmed down by very pleasant way.Definitely can recommend this!
THHairock 73THHairock 73
07:28 27 Sep 23
Very friendly diving center. The instructors were nice the fotos under water was great too. You could arrange time like you want. I can only recommend it.
El PacoEl Paco
07:46 23 Sep 23
Great team. Polite and friendly staff. I recommend everyone to contact them
Vi WongVi Wong
06:43 23 Sep 23
I was lucky that my first diving experience happened here. It was a challenge for me, but staffs are professional, patient and friendly. The dive master encouraged me even my dive was short, haha. Also, the center provides video services. I finally got a nice edited video. Really recommend!
Jan BartoszewskiJan Bartoszewski
09:36 20 Sep 23
Amazing view and realy nice introduction. Our first dive was Perfect
♥️💙🧡💜💚💛I am very happy and grateful for an extraordinary vacation, words cannot express all my feelings and gratitude 🌅 I came with my husband to upgrade him to the level of advanced adventure diver, in the end I also trained myself, no longer a tea bag 😄Thank you to the instructor Aliaksandr Shykun 🤗 It was a pleasure to dive together, thank you for your patience 😂 After training with him, I feel very confident and ready to move on! I will definitely return to him for further training!🏝️ I really love underwater life, I’ve been drawn to it all my life, I’ve studied it, but without scuba gear it’s difficult to experience all the beauty. I wish you all unforgettable experiences, if you are hesitating, you are mistaken, dive in and fill your life with memorable moments, most importantly with the right people! Alexander, thank you endlessly, may your wonderful work bring happiness to people and you!🐟🐙🐬🦀With gratitude, Anna Kaftanova 💙
Inés JimenezInés Jimenez
08:15 27 Aug 23
Very nice service and client attention. The staff was very helpful in every way 🙂
Anna ValfrediAnna Valfredi
11:18 26 Aug 23
I stayed on the island of Thoddoo for a week and in these days I had the opportunity to do 4 dives with this diving. It was a great experience! The diving guys are very experienced, friendly, available to meet all needs. I am a diver with little experience but the professionalism of this team made my dives unforgettable. I also did a small underwater shooting and photography course! Recommended for those who decide to come to the Maldives to observe marine wonders such as sharks, turtles, mind and much more
Richard van der PaschRichard van der Pasch
15:01 25 Aug 23
We had a great time diving here with Sasha & Aziz. Very good communication and very knowledgeable instructors. Diving is beautiful here and the dive center is very close to the harbour to very handy.
Andrey AygininAndrey Ayginin
12:57 24 Aug 23
Great diving center, great team of professionals! We went to them on the first day of rest, just to find out, but in the end we spent the whole vacation under water)) In a week, my wife and I received OWD and Advanced Adventurer certificates. We saw a bunch of different fish, sharks, manta rays, moray eels, went to Ukulas, Rasdu, a sunken ship. Particularly impressive was the night dive on the house reef - diving sparkled with new colors! The guys are very friendly and professional. Thanks to the whole team, especially Anatoly and our wonderful instructor Alexander for such a great vacation!
nata georgiounata georgiou
12:48 24 Aug 23
Unique experience at Thoddoo Diving Center at Thoddoo island in Maldives!!!! Everyone should enjoy it under the greenblue magic maldivian sea with turtles and tropical colourful fishes swimming around you!!! Anatoli , Alexander, his girlfriend and all the team are great professionals in diving. They are so kind, gentle ,explained every detail as my daughter is an absolutely beginner. They also were filming the whole diving time and sent us videos.Thank you so much!!!
Anastasiia SalinaAnastasiia Salina
06:27 22 Aug 23
Many thanks to the diving center for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime! I went diving for the first time in my life, initially there were many fears (which naturally turned out to be false 🙂 ), but they instantly evaporated when I fell into the reliable hands of instructors. The first dive with me was Anatoly, he brought me up to speed clearly and understandably, I felt completely safe. The second and third dives were instructor Sasha, with whom I felt completely safe and got incredible pleasure from diving. I must say that I am a very clumsy and not a sports person, but even I did it 😃 I am happy that I managed to see the manta. I also want to thank the cameraman Alena for her support and for capturing our dives, it's just super. And in general, everyone who was in the diving center always answered questions in detail, supported and created a very friendly atmosphere. P.S. And thank you that thanks to you we managed to dive with my husband together 🥰 and a huge piece of advice: go diving at the very beginning of your vacation!!! If we had not slowed down, we would have had time to undergo training and obtain a certificate. But on the other hand, we now have a reason to return to Thoddoo and the diving center😊 this is one of the best experiences in my life!
Filip HraškoFilip Hraško
14:43 21 Aug 23
My wife and I tried the “Try dive”. It was our first dive ever. It was great, they explained everything to us and we felt safe. Definitely recommend!! Thank you for everything! 🙂
Jure BrackoJure Bracko
12:26 16 Aug 23
Great experience with try dive. Aleksander explained everything in detail before the dive. The dive itself was very nice and we have seen mantas, turtles, sharks and many other sea-life in all shapes and sizes. I recommend anyone that is on the fence about diving to go and try it with Aleksander and his team
Thank you very much for diving, me and my wife really enjoyed it very much 😍. Special thanks to the instructor who missed me🤭 and helped in everything, and the woman who filmed us🫣. Very cool experience 😍😍
Elizaveta SolovevaElizaveta Soloveva
15:09 11 Aug 23
Thank you Alexander for a super dive! Very attentive and caring instructor! 🥰 I got a lot of positive and impressions! Let there be more happy people with your help! 💞🤗
Ahmed AjwadhAhmed Ajwadh
05:06 17 Jul 23
We are taking excursions and diving from Anatoly for the fifth time, we liked everything, the underwater world is beautiful, come to Thoddoo Diving Center and take care of nature!
reyber turgutreyber turgut
07:02 15 Jul 23
Wonderful private experience doing the introduction ‘try diving’ with Alexander and Anthony. We saw colourful fishes, two sharks and a turtle and dove for 46 minutes. Alexander tried his best finding manta rays but we couldn’t find any unfortunately. The current was also quite strong but Alexander tried to make the best out of it. Very honest and not overpromising.Reyber
Tomasz SzwedzińskiTomasz Szwedziński
13:51 07 Jul 23
It was an excellent experience. We dived for the first time, we felt very comfortable and safe the whole time. Anatolijs gave us very clear instructions, we did not expect that the first dive could be so easy and pleasant. I recommend him with all my heart.
21:09 19 May 23
Lady from the front desk was so busy with her phone that didn’t turn her face after I entered. She was sitting beside a big black old PC, highly unlikely she was a guest there. I didn’t want to disturb her more and just left that place. No sense to ask more about questions related with safety maybe next time she will be in a blue mood and organize your dive in a “wrong” way. Pretending that she was a visitor look awkwardly. Also you can find her on the photos 🙄
jose vmjose vm
13:05 01 May 23
We did not have transportation to get from Thoddoo to Rasdhoo, and we took advantage of a tour from this company; everything was perfect.Guide Ali took us to see manta rays and then we saw and fed lots of goldfish. and finally, in Rasdhoo, Ali managed to attract nurse sharks to the port, and we even got to touch them! One of the best experiences in the Maldives.I recommend this company 100%. Its manager, Dinara, is professional and friendly, she is in everything. Thank you!!!
Tibor SzulágyiTibor Szulágyi
06:55 28 Feb 23
The dive center and the equipment are in great condition. The dive site was also great. However, we have a bad feeling about the crew. There are a lot of Russian tourists in Thoddoo, and this dive center is also run by a few Russian guys. They can speak really good English, but most of the time they speak only Russian even if there are a lot of other nationalities on the boat. The briefing before diving lasts a few minutes in Russian, and for like a half minute in English. We had an overall feeling that this place is mostly for Russian tourists.
11:12 15 Jan 23
Staff is professional and excursions are beautiful. On the other side we didn't feel so welcome compared to other clients, and during last excursion no one could speak English, not even the dive master. Hopefully one of the client could and translated everything to me.
05:58 07 Jan 23
Very professional center, Anatolijs Is a great diving instructor Who followed us during our dive in thodoo. We had a great and safe experience, we saw a nurse Shark, barracuda and giant maldivian lobster. I really recommend him and his diving center. Spasibo and see you soon!Antonio
Sandra De la VaraSandra De la Vara
07:17 17 Dec 22
We did not really enjoy our experience with Thoddoo Diving Center.We do understand they can not control visibility or marine animals (we were not able to see mantas although they told us they were seeing them everyday) but anyway it felt like they were in a rush all the time and only took us 2 minutes away from the port despite of charging us 70 dollars per person.
Ali NabeyAli Nabey
12:45 15 Dec 22
Great diving center, Anatoli is very helpful and always ready to help. I recommend this place
Rom CasRom Cas
10:24 14 Dec 22
Very good and professional dive center! The owner advises you well about the diving sites, at fair prices. Good equipment for renting. Beautiful reefs with a lot of marine life to see. Sharks, mantas, turtles and many species of fish seen.
Paco NuñezPaco Nuñez
09:10 07 Dec 22
Super Great Dive Experience. Nice team, nice energy, Equipment in really good conditions. And we felt always very safe and confortable.One of my best Diving experience ever for sure
Vivek RamVivek Ram
09:46 30 Nov 21
I received my open water dive certification here under Anatolijs, who is a great instructor. He was friendly, patient and very thorough with training and skill development. Everything was super well organized, including high quality dive equipment and boats. I got to dive with a whole team of professionals and see a lot of underwater life including sharks, turtles, manta rays, stingrays and much more. Highly recommend this place, and I’ll be back soon.
Great diving centre! Anatoly is helpful and friendly! Inspiring experience of swimming with sharks and turtles under water!
Jozef UrbanovskýJozef Urbanovský
12:34 18 Feb 21
Amazing diving centre on the local island of Thoddoo, run by mostly Russian staff with great experience in diving.We were 2 beginners doing a Try Dive, where I already dived once and it was a first time for my girlfriend. They took us on a private speedboat, where all the gear was ready and we have received a basic training. Our crew consisted of 3 certified instructors.However my girlfriend was quite scared of diving and our crew made their best to calm her down, keep her relaxed and she actually did wonderfully and reached full depth of 12m in her first dive.For me, I had no issues and it was the best dive of my life. My instructor gave me some freedom during the dive and made me feel safe during the whole dive.We dived at the Manta point in Thoddoo and got to see Mantas, turtles, beautiful corals and much more.As a beginner diver I can only recommend and praise PDH diving centre.
Miroljub MiladinovicMiroljub Miladinovic
22:03 04 Jan 21
Anatolijs is a great guy and dive master, patient, funny and knowledgeable! We did 7 wonderful dives and advanced certification with him and his team. Can't recommend enough!
We did great dives, the boat is confortable and fast, good équipement, nice captain and helpers, every dive was a bit different and exiting, and we often saw mantas ! Unforgettable and we will be back 💙